PiP Eco Spot BRAGA, first 3D printing eco-store in Portugal

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Portuguese design and product engineering company Weproductise (www.weproductise.com) launches PiP Eco Spot Braga, the first 3D printing store in Portugal. At PiP Eco Spot you can find different types of products, ranging from homeware to toys, all resulting from digital fabrication. Being a 3D printing store, you can find desktop 3D printers, desktop laser cutting/engraving machines and consumables. According to the company’s eco concerns, décor features eco-friendly furniture made from reclaimed furniture and upcycled pallets, cardboard tubes, industrial lockers and wire spools, also available for purchase.

When visiting our store, customers can also enjoy a cup of coffee and healthy homemade treats (like flapjacks and bagels). As a whole, the store gathers 4 concepts: PipHomeware, Piptoys, Pip 3D Printing and Pipsnacks enables people to execute projects and ideas and transform them into products. As part of this concept, workshops and talks on innovation, entrepreneurship and digital fabrication will also be held.

By the end of the year new PiP Eco Spots are expected to open in other cities. Official opening of PiP Eco Spot Braga by President Ricardo Rio (City Mayor) and Carlos Oliveira (Pres. at InvestBraga and ex-secretary of State for innovation and entrepreneurship) takes place in May 2nd, at 17h30.

For further details go to www.pipbraga.pt and www.facebook.com/weproductise.

Sede: Largo Senhor dos Aflitos, nº 120, Freixo, 4990-434 Ponte de Lima, Portugal

GPS: 41°39'33.00"N 8°35'16.44"W
(+351) 258 763 141
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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