Weproductise introduces Techdesign in Stockholm

Looking to strengthen existing business relationships and to find new business opportunities and partners, Weproductise group (www.weproductise.com) will attend the 2014 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair from 4th to 8th February.

In what concerns design, and along with Stockholm’s Design Week, the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is a showcase for what is being done in the North of Europe, welcoming over forty thousand visitors from around the world.

Recognized as a major meeting point for wholesalers, contractors and designers, this fair is, according to Weproductise, the perfect opportunity to promote the range of services that allow companies or individuals to turn ideas into products.

The highlight goes to the public unveiling of what resulted from the partnership with the Norwegian Furniture company By Corporation: Imëuble #two, a multi coloured wood and technically very complex piece of furniture awarded the Norwegian “Design Excellence” award and cover of Wallpapermagazine (http://worksby.com).

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair was also the place chosen by the Weproductise group to introduce a new product, designed to make it easy to track and organize our personal gadgets and accessories.

Based in Ponte de Lima, Portugal, since late 2012, Weproductise group allies technology with design and is thus committed to creating, developing and producing innovative and multifunctional pieces of furniture.

Sede: Largo Senhor dos Aflitos, nº 120, Freixo, 4990-434 Ponte de Lima, Portugal

GPS: 41°39'33.00"N 8°35'16.44"W
(+351) 258 763 141
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