Plan ahead to cook healthy - Season Your Life brings seasonality to your home

Created and developed by the Portuguese company Weproductise , Season Your Life is a game that helps the consumer with tips to cook varied and balanced meals according to the Portuguese (Mediterranean)cuisine and its “food circle” (the equivalent to the British eatwell plate).

"What’s for dinner?", "What shall I cook tonight”, after a day of work there is no creativity to cook different and varied meals making it difficult not to repeat the same meals over and over again. Season Your Life contains a set of dice with more than 40,000 combinations of different ingredients. Each die belongs to a food group and has a certain size according to the recommended proportion in your plate.

In addition, the seasonal dice have ingredients according to seasonal availability, thereby increasing the use of seasonal ingredients and making sure that the consumer select and buy seasonal ingredients so that the family enjoys fruit and veg that tastes better, is better value and is better for the planet.

The game is now available for Portugal and the UK and the goal is to take it to other countries and with a reasonable price. That’s the reason why the company is calling for everybody’s support on a crowd funding campaign at and also at the Portuguese community

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Sede: Largo Senhor dos Aflitos, nº 120, Freixo, 4990-434 Ponte de Lima, Portugal

GPS: 41°39'33.00"N 8°35'16.44"W
(+351) 258 763 141
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